What is PowerApps?

Ever changing business dynamics and the ever-increasing need for faster go to market has made custom app development a need of the hour. PowerApps is a suite of apps, services, connectors and knowledge platform from the Microsoft stable that gives a (RAD) rapid application development environment for custom app development. Using PowerApps, your development team will quickly build custom business apps that connect with your SME knowledge and your app specific data. With PowerApps your development team can leverage the underlying knowledge platform (Common knowledge Service for Apps) or various online and on-premises knowledge sources (Excel, Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, SQL Server, and so on) to maximize their productivity and efficiency without spending time chasing resources on the web.

Why use PowerApps?

Seamless Digitization
With Microsoft PowerApps, the journey to digitization is seamless. So, whether you are a traditional business on the verge of going digital or a digital powerhouse looking to scale up, PowerApps will leverage your business logic and advanced capabilities to rework your traditional business processes to digital, machine-driven processes.
Responsive by default
Further, apps engineered through PowerApps are responsive by default and always run seamlessly irrespective of the browser or mobile devices (phone or tablet).
Code free development
PowerApps "democratizes" the custom business app building expertise by providing users the ability to make feature-rich, custom business apps without writing a single line of code.
Rapid Development Environment
PowerApps provide a platform and environment that equips professional developers with knowledge banks, data, ready to use business logic, custom connectors, and external integration tools for an agile development process.
Works seamlessly with the Dynamics 365 platform
Dynamics 365 applications, like Dynamics 365 for Service, Dynamics 365 for Marketing and Dynamics 365 for Sales use the underlying data platform (Common Data Service for Apps) used by PowerApps to store and secure data. Sync up your PowerApps with data from Dynamics 365 in minutes without the need for integration. Build your apps on core business data generated through the Dynamics 365 suite.
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