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Why go for cloud based HRMS

HRMS or Human Resource Management System is an ideal combination of Human Resource Management and Information Technology that can be well implemented with the help of HR software developed by industry experts. A modern HR payroll software in India must be scalable and adaptive with the evolution of the business and can meet the requirements of the organization as it scales up.

Cloud computing has helped organizations to be more robust and agile and depending on the capacity of the company, it can choose whether to implement the hsenid business solutions on premises or put up the HR management software onto the cloud. Choosing the latter would save lots of operational cost for the internal IT team as all activities of HR would be the responsibility of the cloud vendor, who would provide SAAS (software as a service) to the organization ready to implement cloud based HR and payroll software in India. Here are few more reasons that consolidates the need:

Lowest initial investment on infrastructure: Your company doesn’t need to invest exorbitantly on initial infrastructural investment like huge servers, multiple operating systems, databases, firewalls for security as well as backup system, so that HR information can stored and processed in an appropriate manner. Cloud based HRMS needs a cloud vendor who will keep and maintain data in a central several that can be accessed by their clients anywhere, anytime on subscription basis.

Reduced cost: Adopting a cloud based HR software solution enables you to eliminate the need of managing and maintaining a strong IT infrastructure within your company. There isn't any need of purchasing expensive IT equipments including costly servers and routers for your business. By choosing the right cloud vendor your storage and data operation needs will be automatically taken care of.

Scalability with unlimited storage: One of the major reasons to shift HR management software Mumbai to cloud may be the flexibility of scale up or scale down as per your business needs. Further there is no dearth of space in cloud servers, for your data, and unlimited storage may be opted for depending on your employee database. This seems to be difficult on premises, because huge amount of storage purchased may increase cost and operational difficulties for an organization.

Easy Connectivity: Any employee can get connected to the cloud servers with proper login details and can operate without any human intervention. Every HR process can be conducted via cloud based HR and payroll solutions, through smart phones, PDA or laptops with proper internet connection and legitimate access.

Recovery from Disaster: Since your HR data is kept safe in remote cloud servers and maintained by professional vendors, be rest assured of proper backups and hence disaster recovery can be performed without any hazards.

Security: The data about each employee of your organization kept in cloud, is secured though appropriate encryption methodologies adopted by vendors. Employees can only access the data with proper credentials under the vigilance of the organization.

Check out Intellika’s offerings as an adept cloud HRMS solution provider. We help you reduce operational costs and bring in a higher degree of efficiency with our proven mettle in this space.

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