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Enable ‘anywhere’ business with mobile apps

Everywhere you look, you’ll find people glued to their smartphones and tablets. This massive proliferation of mobile opens this segment as a major revenue opportunity as well as business challenge for companies today. The evolution of mobile phones and handheld devices has created a new (and easy) way for different brands to engage their customers. Mobile apps are one of the latest strategies businesses are using to intensify their enterprise mobility strategy. As a result, most companies turn to mobile application management, as a way to manage apps and handheld devices more effectively.

Mobile application management, however, is more than just a way to manage devices. It allows businesses to create an “anywhere” business model using apps more efficiently. Here’s how they enable this valuable advantage -

1. Fix the multi-platform issue

The existence of multiple mobile operating systems can be an absolute headache for your IT team. The API interfaces, firmware configuration, and security management are not the same, which makes it difficult to develop an app that is consistent on all these diverse operating systems. However, help is at hand with the help of mobile app management solution from trusted mobile application development companies in Mumbai, your IT team will have consistent security and management capability across the board.

2. It’s all about the apps

Nowadays the productivity and efficiency of mobile devices are driven by mobile apps and the data these apps can access. But, the tech savvy people no longer wait for IT to deliver mobile apps. They use whatever apps allow them to sync and share, make notes, communicate and improve their job performance. Forrester claims that a healthy 25% of global employees bring their own apps to substitute the app they need to get their work done.

3. Provide mobility to extended enterprises

Enterprise mobility solutions in India involves boosting the mobile productivity and changing business processes across the extended enterprise comprising of partners, contractors, suppliers, employees and customers. But, due to regulatory and logistical reasons it is not feasible take on a device based approach for mobile security. You cannot expect your partners, consultants and suppliers to give your IT firm control over their tablets and smartphones. The moment apps and data can be managed and protected without device controls, your firm will then be able to extend its support to the whole enterprise and enjoy all the benefits of mobility.

4. Protect corporate data despite the ownership of the device

Bring your own devices (BYOD) is a policy in many organizations, making it difficult for companies to determine the best way to protect corporate data on their employee’s personally owned devices. Gartner says around 20% of BOYD programs are likely to fail because of extremely restrictive solutions. Where the extent to which employees can use their phones is restricted and employees fail comply with security and safety measures mandated by the organization, both personal and corporate data can be erased.  This makes people feel like their freedom is limited. However, many companies are coming up with enterprise mobility solutions where IT can only control corporate data, not the personal apps and data.

5. Better user privacy

Mobile app maintenance allows IT to prevent employee’s personal data from mixing with the corporate data. It also limits the organization’s ability to access and control partners, consultants and employees’ personal data. This makes it perfect for IT establishments looking to limit liability and the overhead of managing personal devices.

With the mobile business environment booming, security and management is extremely important. A well-thought out strategy is needed with help of mobile app development company in India. This should enable you to protect apps and information in addition to managing devices.

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