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5 Benefits of Social CRM for Startups

Social media plays a really big part in maintaining good customer relations. It has opened up avenues for customers to reach out to your brand, and vice versa. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are the main social media platforms used to create brand communities. Engaging with your target audience can open up numerous opportunities for you, especially if your business in the startup stage.

Social CRM on cloud can help you obtain the resources you need to propel your business forward and maintain your new position in the market. If you are still undecided on whether to invest in social CRM, then here are 5 amazing benefits of social CRM for sales and startups:

1. Discover opportunities to engage with customers

People like personalized services where you customize your actions to suit their personal requirements. With the help of social CRM, you don’t have to wait for customers to make the first move. Use your daily notifications opportunities to engage with customers. For example, birthday notifications give you a chance reconnect and reach out to consumers. Also requests and negative comments about your business can be addressed effectively through social media.

2. Monitor your notifications

Now that you know how important notifications are it is important to make sure you monitor all of them. Some social mediums provide you with the notification alerts and some do not. This makes it really easy to miss out on incoming communication. With the help of Web based social CRM Software you should be able to get all your new notifications in one place allowing you to read them and respond to them quickly.

3. Real time updates in your customer contact records

Right at the center of social CRM will be your customer contact record. It serves as your concrete link with your customers. Through social CRM you should be able to obtain real time updates with regards to various messages can comments from these contacts, their activities and deals in addition to their live social streams.

4. Integrate your marketing software and your contact records

To improve the performance of your social CRM, you can sync your social media to your marketing software. This will help you obtain more in depth information on your customers and derive more opportunities to interact with them. By nurturing your social network community, you can obtain a good reputation and customer loyalty. As a result, you can efficiently convert your social communication strategy into a highly productive one through the use of CRM on cloud.

5. Share customer messages

A team of people can help you reach out to more consumers and expand your business horizon much faster. You will be receiving multiple messages from consumers but you can choose which ones you want to share with the team, through social CRM. It allows you to control which messages should remain private and which ones should be shared.

Adding social CRM to your business toolkit can help you accelerate quickly from a startup to fully functional business with a wide network of consumers.

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Charles Wattson

By gaining information and researching new market segments, Social CRM can improve a company’s ability to market itself. You can increase research and development capabilities by building communities around the brand. Social CRM can improve Marketing ROI from the gathered information  that allows companies to target their products to a particular group of customers, the better development of products or services.


Mitesh Sanghvi

Hey Team, this concept of Social CRM is definitely helpful. One should never ignore it as it can break or make a project's life. This phase is really crucial and every brand should have some plans on utilizing the benefits of it. Thanks for putting this all in word here. Smile


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