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Gain Massive Advantage with your Customer Data

It is no news that collecting data about customer through CRM For Cloud based ERP, media and social channels help in increasing your brand’s efficacy. However the increased number of channels and varying types of media makes it complex to collect customer data and act upon it. While we may employ the ABC of high impact CRM for sales (Analytics, Big Data and cloud), there are challenges on this front too. Also these ABCs are just a small part of a larger picture. Hence we need to have a more all-round approach when using customer data to achieve unbeatable competitive advantage. [More]

CRM – Best Method to Forecast Your Sales

For success in business, companies always have the need to eliminate unknown quantities and factors. This involves making some educated guesses, or taking past data and using insight to extrapolate from there. Sales forecasting is one such activity that companies have to do routinely to know exactly where things are headed in the immediate future. Although based in facts and statistical data, sales forecasting involves intelligent guesswork. [More]

Are You Able To Determine Your Customer Satisfaction Index?

Good day readers. How are you all? Are you trying hard to understand if your customers are happy, and if they would wish to continue subscribing to your products or services? Well, there is a simple way to do that math. You just need to find your Customer Satisfaction Index. But before we try to understand whether you are able to determine your Customer Satisfaction Index, you must know what it means. [More]

Immediate ROI from CRM a Dream or Reality?

Good day one and all. Readers and friends, it always feels great to talk to you. We take pride in doing all that we can to keep you informed. Today, let’s talk about immediate ROI using CRM. Do you think immediate ROI from CRM is a Dream or Reality? Well, keep reading to learn what we think. [More]

Is your sales data driven?

Hey. What’s up with you guys, dear friends and readers? All well? Great! Today we are going to talk about data driven, effective sales. So is your sales banking on research data? If not, we are here to show you the pros of it.

In all honesty, in depth data is a sales person’s or a team’s best buddy. Researched information shows exactly what is working for you, and what isn’t. This alone will help you identify new strategies, new TGs, new expansion locations, etc. Anything that is based on data will be credible. [More]

How CRM can benefit Pharma and Real Estate industry

The pharma and real estate industries include too many players and too many customers. It is close to impossible then to manage all Customer-related data and info manually. You need a smarter and more efficient way to go about it. You need CRM. So if you want to learn why the CRM is apt for these two industries, you have come to the right place. [More]