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Importance of Ecommerce for business

Sitting around the conference table this morning, our team was discussing the most credible e-commerce marketplace, in terms of its payment security, diverse product range, timely delivery, customer service, return policies, logistics, etc. The discussion went on for a couple of hours, but took us to the e-commerce ecosystem, and how it had evolved to the stature it has acquired today [More]

Google Email for Business - Get Custom email and more

Hello readers. Today, I would like to take off from where I left last time. This blog is a continuation of Google Apps for work: the interactive ones. Today we are going to talk about some of the Google apps that aide in storing and collaborating. Read here to know about Google’s Drive, and its Docs and Sheets. [More]

Mobile apps: The tip of the iceberg

Usually, change is gradual and eventual. It is a process that takes its time and follows its prepared route. But in the case of mobile app development, the mobile phone industry has been taken by storm – a whirlwind to be precise.

The recent years have seen an unimaginable magnitude in the growth of mobile apps. Any product or service belonging to almost every industry has mobile apps to make the experience extremely friendly for smartphone users. Mobile apps can be found for services in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, interior design, architecture, digital design, recruitment, IT services, e-commerce, NGOs, banking and finance, educational, government, defense and other sectors. You name the industry / product / service, and you’ll find a mobile application for it. [More]

Google Apps for work: the interactive ones

Hello readers. It’s been some time since we have begun writing to keep you updated about all the latest introductions in the world of technology. We have, from the beginning, maintained a serious tone while interacting you. But now, we think it is time to change that. So, taking off one lighter note, today we are going to talk to you about interactive apps by Google, especially those that help you communicate, keep in touch, and market your product and service well. Google apps work fine on the tablet, phone, and desktop gadgets alike. [More]

A sneak-peak into the CRM software

Hola people! How are you doing today? We are a good 10 days into the month of April. Phew! It is beyond our understanding how quickly time just slips through our fingers. We wish it would go slower, and we would have more time to do the many things we’ve been meaning to. One of them being blogging. we love writing about technology, and we love sharing our thoughts so that our readers can stay informed. Maybe we should call our act of trying to stay connected with you FRM (Friends Management System). Don’t you think so? [More]

HRMS – The Big Bang of the Recruitment universe

For some time now, the revolutionary ideas of Information Technology have brought about a sea change in every industry. Whether it be Management, or Finances, or Marketing, or Sales, or even Communication, everyone has banked on the inventions in technology to make work easy. The recruitment and hiring industry was not going to sit tight and watch everyone else progress and do nothing for itself. [More]